How to peel a banana

Step one: When choosing a banana, make sure it isn’t one of those really big ones. They are very difficult to manage, and make quite the mess. I personally like mine on the moderate size, plenty firm and solid, with just a slight spongy texture.

Step two : A banana appreciates a compliment, so make sure you tell it just how perfect it is. In fact, you have never seen a banana quite like it before in your entire life.

Step three: With your fingers, gently peel each layer of skin peel back, until it starts to bear it’s delectable fruit. It might start getting a tad sticky at this point, so keep a towel handy.

Step four: Continue peeling down the entire shaft of the banana. Remember to compliment and thank the banana for this awesome opportunity. Show proper enthusiasm, because banana’s can tell when you are faking it.

Step five: Behold your peeled banana in all its hopefully unblemished glory!

Step six: Gently take your now unsheathed banana and take a big bite. Now,  doesn’t that taste good? Isn’t it smooth and silky? Worth all the effort, I’d say.

Step seven: Unfortunately, this is as much fun as it gets. Keep in mind though, there are many banana’s looking to get peeled out there. Now armed with the proper knowledge, you can peel as many as you like without fear.