How To Be a Bloghole

Today’s guest post first appeared on When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. I liked it because it reminded me another favorite topic: the humblebrag. I wrote about that and now you will read my post immediately, then follow me and then like everything I do and then put a clause in your will demanding the same servitude from your descendants. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogholeness, and you can too! Take it away When Crazy Meets Exhaustion:


I started blogging so I didn’t stab myself in the eye with a rusty fork.

Let me start over.

I started blogging because, as a work-from-home-mom-of-two, I didn’t have time to take a crap in private.

Dammit. Trying this one more time.

I start blogging because I love to write.

There it is.

I love the feeling of pride and catharsis after hitting publish. I love getting comments and feedback from readers. I love that it is something I do just for me.

What I don’t love is that there are some real jerkfaces out there masquerading around, pretending to care about my writing. Yours, too. I didn’t coin the term, but it’s perfection: bloghole. According to Tara at You Know It Happens At Your House, Too, a bloghole is “someone that talks, tweets, and acts poorly in a blog.”

I don’t make a good bloghole because I can’t pretend to like something when I don’t. Once a gal commented on my blog and, out of courtesy, I checked her out. This chick’s blog was dedicated to the Mesozoic idea that women are on earth solely to please their men, suggesting that wives always wear make-up and look “dressed up” when our husbands come home from work. I’m sorry, but even 1952 thinks that’s ridonkulous.

Even though I’m a sucky one, there is hope for those aspiring blogholes out there. Here are some tips to help them become the very best blogholes they can be:


1. Seek out other bloggers’ Facebook pages, “like” them, and then leave an annoying message such as, “Liked you. Here’s my page.” You should always assume the other party is interested in you and excited to reciprocate.

2. Follow 23,8893 people on Twitter. The second one of them follows you back, unfollow immediately. It’s *super* important to have your followers outnumber those you follow because it makes you closer to Jesus.

3. Participate in blog hops but not really. Link up for exposure, but don’t show any interest in the other writers. This is cut-throat. No need to play nice.

4. Stalk the Top 25 fill-in-the-blank bloggers. Within 17 minutes, leave a comment on every post they’ve ever written, and then tag them on Twitter like you’re BFFs.

5. Contact all of your favorite bloggers via e-mail and ask them to write for you. They would love to hand over their ideas  for nothing in return. It’s not like they’re attached to their writing or anything.

6. Piggybacking off of #5, if you like another blogger’s post, feel free to reblog it without asking permission and/or giving it credit. Plagiarism only means something in a high school English classroom.

7. A legit bloghole doesn’t try to find writers with a purpose or style similar to his/her own. They are indiscriminately obnoxious.

8. When commenting on others’ blogs, find a way to work your own into it:“Loved this post! You really made me laugh. I bet I can make you laugh. Just give me the chance. Seriously, give me a chance. I’ll make you shart in your pants. Check me out at”

9. Completely ignore the fact that there is a real person behind the computer. Judge every word, rip apart every post, and don’t rule out mother-effing them if they don’t respond to your Tweet, e-mail, Facebook message, and comment. We’re not in this to make friends.

10. If you don’t remember #1 – 9, remember this, the most important guideline to becoming a successful bloghole: write about anything that you believe will increase your readership and popularity. Staying true to yourself and finding your voice is completely overrated. Be a traitor to the truth. Be a sell-out. Be Elton John serenading the homo-hating Rush Limbaugh at his 2010 wedding. Whatever you do, don’t be you.

I have more stretch marks than I have Twitter followers, and if I cared any less, I would be my husband watching the Beyonce HBO special I forced upon him. But I sure hope that these guidelines prove useful to anyone who strives to be a big ol’ bloghole.


Reread step 5 and pledged your servitude to me realize that writing for The Official How To Blog is all you ever wanted and more. 

The Official How To Blog is the one true source for all information and blogholery.

58 thoughts on “How To Be a Bloghole

  1. Damn, this means I have to Twitter and figure out the Facebook page I created just to vote for Speaker7 in a contest? Why didn’t somebody tell me? Blogholes.

  2. I am very new at blogging. I started it because I used to be creative, I love to write and I probably need therapy. As a working mom of three young children I needed an outlet. I never expected any followers or readers. It’s interesting what goes on here. Your blog was very entertaining. lol

  3. I found one blog that was only reblogs of freshly pressed posts with no intro or anything. Just reblogs. Huh. Oh, one other bloghole – the one who thinks he or she is world famous and an A-lister when no one outside the blogosphere has ever heard of them. Or heard of the blogosphere for that matter.

  4. You did make me shart my pants. I had a guy like 10 of my posts in 5 minutes. When I checked to see who this douchbag was, his site was selling diet products. I hate a like if it isn’t sincere. I would say Mr. Diet guru is a humongous bloghole.

  5. So funny! I can’t help but feel like things written, of this nature, are explicitly about me. I either have a big-head for no reason (likely) or a paranoia problem.

  6. I think I saw the epitome of blogholery or desperation when someone commented on a Freshly Pressed post about yogurt (no lie the post was about yogurt). The comment was as follows:
    I really enjoyed your post about yogurt. Check out my post about love.
    *insert link*

    Maybe they aren’t so much a bloghole as they are sad.

    • I saw that blog that was nothing but re-blogs – the blogger had followed me; most of us have probably had “followers” who have been selling something. Yup, good examples of blogholery. Great post – pretty funny 🙂

  7. I really liked this…*sincere* :-). Another pet hate of mine is people who use their blog to advertise products. Or advertise their books or writing and all that the whole freakin’ time! I can understand that it is a forum for self publishers to get themselves known, but this is not an advertising forum!

  8. But I LOVE writing about Tide Pens and canned spaghetti sauce! Also, please check out my blog.

    For seriously, though, this was so funny. I have added the term “bloghole” to my everyday lexicon.

  9. I think sometimes rookie bloggers make these mistakes because they forget to read blogging etiquette posts or don’t know where to find them. But sometimes…

    My personal pet peeve is a blogger who never responds to any comments. It leaves the impression that they feel themselves above their reader.

  10. Omigod love you tots check out my post about nothing (insert obscure and possibly a virus link here).

    But seriously 🙂 I really liked this post (my of course underlying meaning is that NONE of your other posts are loveable, duh). Haha, but anyway, I’m new to blogging, so I don’t really know how to act on other blogs. This post definitely helped me with what not to do. So thanks for posting it!

  11. I can’t help myself from commenting on multiple posts in a short span. I’m at work and I need to pretend I’m busy by constantly typing.

    I just started taking my blog seriously. Too seriously. It’s nice to see sarcasm that translates well. Mine always seems to get lost. Then I’m not only a bloghole, I’m an asshole as well.

  12. Follow Rule #8: Hilarious, I can make you laugh/cry/sing/dance just check out my page at seriously, please check it out. Lol (No but seriously, look at the page.)

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